How will this event help
a child's development?

  • World Schools Sports Challenges isn't just about sport. It's a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for girls and boys to broaden their education, and increase their confidence, leadership and communication skills on and off the field.

  • The event is also an opportunity for girls and boys to broaden their understanding of different cultures by experiencing life in another country and playing sport alongside likeminded people from all over the world.


What entry qualifications
are required?

  • Our policy is one of inclusion - there are no qualifications required beyond being a member of a school team, having a love of the game and a desire to meet other likeminded people.

  • The World Schools Sports Challenge is not confined to elite teams and includes 2nd and 3rd XV's, XI's and VII's, and development teams that don’t often have the opportunity to travel overseas.

  • Teams are graded according to ability and age to ensure that boys and girls experience a fair but competitive game.


Is there a limit on how many teams
one school can enter?

  • No! Any school from any country can enter as many teams as they like.


Who handles the transport, accommodation & tours?

  • World Schools Challenge appoint a trusted and experienced ground operator in each of the host countries.


Are these event destinations
safe to travel to?

  • Yes, they certainly are. The safety and security of students, teachers and parents is paramount and we would never hold an event in a destination where people were put at risk. Each event programme is carefully planned alongside our local ground operator to ensure that no issues arise. And in countries where English isn't spoken, we employ local English speaking guides who know the area well.


Are there any age restrictions?

  • Team members must be aged 13 – 19 years and current pupils or immediate past pupils of the same school.


What is the adult to student ratio?

  • World Schools Sports Challenge requires a minimum of ONE adult to EIGHT students


What are the costs involved?

  • All athletes and staff must take an event package which includes 7 nights accommodation, return airport transfers, two major functions, lunch on all tournament days and transport to all functions and playing days.


Can parents attend the event?

  • Absolutely, we encourage parents to come along and support their children at these events. And we have specifically designed Parent and Supporter Packages to fit in with the playing arrangements and activities of each team - this will include suitable accommodation options, transportation and arranging tickets to the major functions.


Can you help us arrange the tour?

  • Yes, we certainly can. We have designed, implemented and managed international school tours for over 10 years. Our experience has allowed us to build excellent relationships in each of the host cities and we are able to assist in arranging supporter accommodation, additional touring and anything else that you may require.


Can you arrange flights?

  • Yes, absolutely. We offer a full range of travel services, from booking airfares to organising insurance, transfers and pre and post-event tours. If you'd like a quote on any travel requirements, simply contact us (details below).


Who do we contact for more information? 

  • We can organise phone conferences or face to face meetings with anyone that is interested in knowing more about the World Schools Sports Challenge. To set up a meeting or to simply ask a questions please contact

    Hockey and Rugby – Ellie Bigsby - ellie@govsl.com or + 64 9 486 1644
    Cricket and Golf – Roger Carroll - roger@govsl.com or +64 9 486 1644